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11369 E. Carson St, Lakewood, CA

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

About Us!

Who we are: Shoestring City Ranch is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ranch for kids, home to horses, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits, a donkey, and a llama.

What we do: Educate children about humane animal care, sustainable living and how to work together effectively, all in a ranch setting.

Why we do what we do: We love animals and have a passion for sharing that love of animals with children in our community. 

What we hope to achieve: We believe that if children learn to treat animals with compassion, respect and dignity, they will in turn treat their neighbors as such. Through having positive experiences with the animals, our hope is for the kids to become little vessels of hope, happiness and love who will grow in to adults that carry on those traits and touch other people with the positive qualities they were taught as children.

Our goal is for the animals to play a role in mending the hearts of anyone who hurts and that people will find solace and safety in the non-judgmental faces of the animals, many of whom themselves have known pain and brokenness.

What do we want from you, the community: To use your gifts and talents, whatever they may be, to add richness and substance to the ranch; whether it be building a structure, fixing a fence, teaching an animal class, planting and maintaining a garden, singing, dancing, laughing, as long as it will bring something good to the animals and kids of the ranch, we want you to share it with us. SCR is a place to exercise the true meaning of “community”.

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  1. Love your passion and hope for the community as well as for Gods creatures. Plan on bringing my children to help and learn at the ranch.